About Us

"We believe in independent grocery retailers, foodservice operators and CO-OPS and we understand that they are important to the fabric of the communities they serve.

We believe that with a strong supply network and the power of shared resources and collaboration, they can be individually, financially viable while retaining their independence and remaining in control of their own destiny."

TGP is more than just a wholesale that delivers groceries. We are a team of Foodservice, Marketing and Retail experts that are here, ready to help.

For years we’ve been behind the scenes supplying groceries and giving advice to family owned and operated stores and food establishments. Our customers and their communities are important to us and we are committed to offering food we’d be proud to serve our family.

We offer programs and services that are personalized and that give our customers flexibility when it comes to running their business. Whether you’re a chef, grocer or somewhere in-between, you can count on us to offer big-time freshness, quality and service with small town family values.

TGP's Vision, Mission, and Values will help 'Bring Home' who we are.