Field Trip to the Food Bank

April 14, 2016
Field Trip to the Food Bank
Bright and early, on Tuesday April 5th 2016, nine TGP employees headed over to the Edmonton Food Bank to volunteer their time assembling food hampers. After a few minor hiccups—ironically we struggled with correctly stacking the pallets—the group was on a roll. Together, they assembled and packed approximately 60 or so hampers.

According to one employee, "it was surprising to learn that there is such a demand for a basic necessity like food and that the hampers just help to tide families over". Filling every nook and cranny, the staff got really animated and enthusiastic about their particular hampers. Some even went as far as to sneak in a few extra goodies for hampers going to families with children.

In addition to volunteering their time, the employee presented the Edmonton Food Bank with $6450 in TGP gift cards to be used at our Edmonton locations. The money was raised entirely by TGP employees during their staff shopping night.

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