October 19, 2016
Hello, Arcola!

We’d like to welcome, Cheryl, her team at Chapman’s, and the community of Arcola to the TGP family. 

Four years ago Cheryl Bell returned to Arcola, SK her hometown to help with the family business. Now, as the owner and operator of Chapman’s, the community’s local grocery store, Cheryl Bell acknowledges that “the store is the family business. I grew up helping my mom and dad, and now my sons give me a hand. The store has been a part of the Arcola community for over 40 years, and I feel at home here.” 

Community means a lot to Cheryl and her family. When her younger son needed extra support at school, “the community and local school leaned in to help him” said Cheryl. “Arcola is known for being community-orientated, and family friendly,” she adds.

To give back to Arcola, Chapman’s helps organize the school lunch program, caters to local events, and helps with whatever else the community needs. In the summer months, they plant a market-garden and sell organic, homegrown produce. Cheryl relies on her two sons to help in the garden over the summer!

That’s not to say owning a grocery store doesn’t come without its fair share of hurdles. While Cheryl finds owning a business incredibly rewarding, it’s hard work. She admits that convincing customers to support local and competing at a price point that's both competitive and fair can be a struggle.  

Nevertheless, Cheryl is optimistic that Chapman’s will be around for another 40 odd years to come.

Arcola is located 200 kilometers southwest of Regina, Saskatchewan.

To learn more about Cheryl’s story and her store, visit the store's Facebook page.